Eye to Eye (2014)

by The Noted

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This is a new recording by The Noted of a previously released song by Daniel Work. It features The Noted's "him & her" blended vocals.


Eye to Eye, recorded by The Noted
Words and Music by Daniel Work (ASCAP)

I walk into our house
it’s filled with so many doubts
Your eyes feel so far away
with no reflection of me

I reach out for your hand
but you pretend not to see
We watch CNN on T.V.
to escape reality

I leave you in the morning
and come home late at night
'Cuz we just don't see eye to eye
and I’m too tired to fight

I could run to freedom
but instead I walk the town
If I’m so free, tell me this
why am I still around?

(Instrumental Bridge)

I’m starving for your love
but lies kill my appetite
My eyes teared up like a pool
I'm done runnin’ ‘round like your fool

It's early when I get home
but it’s too late to have a fight
Our shadow of love disappeared
we’ve wasted all of these years

(Instrumental Bridge)

c2014, SmileyNote Studios, inc.


released 01 April 2014
Daniel Work -piano/vocals/songwriter, Jeff Koch - Guitar, Mike Snyder - Drums, Angela Baldino - Vocals, Mixed by Steve Savage Music.



all rights reserved


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The Noted Portland, Oregon

- Inspiring rock about love, life, and you...  

Popular music loved by fans of all ages.
Great new songs with a contemporary, yet classic rock vibe that are diverse in style and message with "him & her" vocals

 - Daniel Work: vocals • piano • acoustic guitar • songwriter (ASCAP)
 - Jeff Koch: electric guitar
 - Mike Snyder: drums/percussion
 - John Dwyer: bass • vocals
 - Angela Baldino • vocals
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